2022 Graphic Artworks

Life all comes down to a few moments and that crystalized in-between details would let one linger on, keep motivated and move forward. We have wondered what it must be like if the recollections unseen, unheard, still loved, still missed are used as a palette to paint the world of today we live in. Let us introduce, three of the most innovative pieces of artwork that boast a daring, contemporary aesthetic and interpretation to the each of parallel world.


Blur brings brilliance, Vividness evokes vagueness


SmileFlower talks about nostalgia where it's derived from the intersection of memory, desire and hope. Nostalgia is personal, subjective feelings which are developed being affected by factors such as environments, people arounds oneself and thoughts. We transposed the nostalgia formation process into design methodology. SmileFlower members visualize their own nostalgia on the empty spot and toss it to another. By repeating “add and subtract” process, we build our nostalgias.
Smile Flower (

A Scene of Kaleidoscope

Variegated spirit rises from bygone days.
As though bluff glacier turns into stark desert in one’s mind, what it is to be is no longer what it is to be. A recollection of miscellaneous “me” scatters around a pile of inevitable seconds and flickering moments end up a flood of great flow at last.