A familiar but long forgotten scent met by chance unexpected can act like a time portal, instantly sweeping you to the moment you were surrounded by, the atmosphere you were soaked in, the people you were connected with, all of which evoke heartfelt emotions that reliving entire memories with just a whiff.

The intimate links between emotions, memories and scent are beyond the reach of description as they are intrinsically attributed to the various layers of personal experiences. In that, fragrance triggered memory creates a lasting impression lying in the unconscious which is private, individual and intersensory.

Our FLAGSHIP STORE located in Seoul suggests lots of oppositions and contrasts, such as modern and cozy, stillness and movement, form and texture by allocating custom-tailored metal sculptures and wooden elements with upholstery fabrics in construction with remarkable harmony that is filled with ingenuity.

On top of those unique alignment, we are to put another aromatic layer of experience that delivers readily reached intersensory association. A SIGNATURE DIFFUSER, having distinctive composition of balsamic cedarwood, pine rosemary and powdery lavender embraces the very atmosphere and mood of the store, which is conveyed from top to bottom, every nook and corner of the store, just like it has deeply soaked into every single product we have built and the trace we have followed.

Wishing the fragrance to infuse you to reminisce us, somewhere, sometime and somehow.